What is Offshore Hosting and How it Can be Beneficial?

In case you are going to launch a website with DMCA content, copyrighted content or any other format that is banned in the country, there is a need for offshore web hosting. In this type of hosting the website and the application, data is hosted far from the country of origin or the place of the ban. Most of the time the website is hosted by data centers that are situated in other countries or places. this way the website will not be breaking the law or will fall under the ban. You can find various types of offshore website hosting packages and companies, which can be chosen according to the website requirements.

Money-Back Guarantee

Presently in Offshore services we are not giving any Money-Back Guarantee or refund, buy with confidence knowing that we fully guarantee your satisfaction.

24/7 Live Support

We are 24/7 by tickets also Live Chat support for our customers to help them with any issues they may face any time. SLA time is 30 minutes, most of time we solve via LiveChat


We guarantee that your money, you will get a stable and fast service, at a super low price, We also do moving from other provider, we will do whole migration process

Cloud Technology

We always uses Enterprise level Hardware with best low price. We guarantee 100% uptime, If we ever fall below our target, you will be credited or extended free to next months.

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Benefits of Offshore Hosting

Major benefits of using offshore website hosting are:

Anonymous: many companies would like to keep their website from unnecessary surveillance and invasiveness, and that is where offshore hosting can be helpful. Using the offshore shiting, one can keep their website and its data from prying eyes and provide with identity layering. One can share data without any trouble from authorities as well

Safety: if you are in a country or place where there is always a high risk of natural disasters which can ultimately damage the servers and bring down the websites. then it is important to choose offshore web hosting form those places where these risks are minimal

Costing: overall offshore hosting can prove to be light on pockets. The main reason is the fact that there are many website hosting companies that provide offshore hosting at reasonably lower prices. Also, some hosts provide tax breaks to their customers as well

Better speed: when you have a website in a certain place and then have more traffic form another place, it is fair to choose a hosting service from the latter place. This will increase the overall speed and loading time of the website, which will increase customer experience

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