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PACKAGE CPU RAM Storage Geekbench Score Bandwidth Price USD - RAID0 (OpenVz Virtualization)
PSD 1 4 vCore 6 GB DDR4 1 TB
100 Mbit/SUnlimited(shared)

$75.99/month On sale - Save 30%

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PSD 2 4 vCore 6 GB DDR4 2 TB
100 Mbit/SUnlimited(shared)

$103.89/month On sale - Save 50%

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Why you Choose Cheap Storage VPS from PalexWeb?

An person can use a Cheap Storage VPS server to store, manage, access, and secure numerous files, services, and digital information. This server is specifically built to recover, store, or reserve a little or large amount of data over a shared networking system or an internet connection. A storage VPS server may be used for server backups, control panel backups, user data backups, and many more purposes. Consider a storage VPS server to be your Dropbox file, but with full permissions and access. A vps with large storage is an important component of two technologies: NAS and DAS (distributed storage) (direct-attached storage).

Dose your High Storage VPS Ignore all DMCA Notice?

lowest cost large storage VPS is among the most effective methods of data caching since it is less expensive than allotted servers and is essential for data conduct and backups. The cheap vps with large storage is divided into two types: HDD and SSD. Both types of VPS are considered as the finest in their respective fields since they share many characteristics. Because it uses less power even while doing intensive tasks, SSD is regarded as a superior and low-cost storage VPS hosting operation when compared to its traditional counterpart. When it comes to the extra features then, SSD is more superior.