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All our Adult Video Hosting are hosted on powerful 2x E3 CPUs with several NVMe disks in a RAID array. We use Virtualizor for powers this website.

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🛑 NOT Allowed: Pentesting, Phishing & Fraud, Email Spamming, Spoofing, IP Scanner, Crypto Mining, Botnet, malware & DDoSing Script is not allowed as those are Serious Crime, also do not make any payments without read our TOS, because we have no refund policy - Chat with our Live chat operator before pay, Server Delivery time 2-3 Hours

PACKAGE Intel Xeon E5/E3 RAM DDR4 Disk Geekbench Score Network Port Price USD
ABS 1 8 Core's 6 GB 100 GB
100 Mbit/SUnmetered(Dedicated)

$38.02/month On sale - Save 30%

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ABS 2 8 Core's 12 GB 180 GB
100 Mbit/SUnmetered(Dedicated)

$64.97/month On sale - Save 50%

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ABS 3 8 Core's 12 GB 200 GB
1 Gbit/S300 TB(Premium)

$90.89/month On sale - Save 10%

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Buy Adult VPS with 100% DMCA Ignored

Our Adult VPS are an excellent solution for adult websites built with Wordpress, Joomla, Magento, or Drupal that require more power than a shared hosting environment can provide. DDoS protection is included in all services at no extra cost!

Frequently Asked Questions

Get the answers to frequently asked questions about our hosting service

Why you Choose PalexWeb for Host your Adult Project?

If you plan to move or transfer your web site to us then the transfer procedure is simple and quick. Save time and effort by allowing our Technical Support team to transfer your existing cPanel hosting account to a new PalexWeb account. The great part about our free transfer service is that it causes no downtime for your website.

If you want to create an innovative website with Adult, you will definitely want a professional Adult Hosting company. When you choose to host with our RocketBooster, you will benefit from up to 300x quicker page loads when compared to other Hosting companies. While others simply provide hosting-related technical assistance, we provide complete assistance for your services. We can handle app installs, site optimization, customizations, custom software setups and deployments, website transfers, and much more upon request.

How is Adult Video Hosting Different from Shared Hosting?

Because adult site hosting contains high-quality images, recorded videos, and streaming movies, it requires more bandwidth and security. As a result, hosting companies concentrate on specially tailored plans that offer lightning-fast speed and a strong server to meet the needs of the website.

Shared hosting, on the other hand, is intended for industry newbies. It is intended for individuals who have just begun their website and require simply a few pages and a blog. High speed and a strong server are not important in this case. Because PalexWeb's office and servers are in Amsterdam, we may be considered an offshore adult hosting service. Because of the tolerance of Dutch law, we have a wide variety of acceptable adult materials. As proponents of free speech, we intend to make full use of this statute. We NOT allow: Indecent depiction of children, Necrophilia, bestiality, or related themes.

Hosting Features for your Big Ideas

Our offshore hosting plans are perfect for all types of websites – from personal web hosting to small business hosting, ecommerce web hosting and bulletproof vps.

Custom Control Panel

Choose a control panel that is simple to use and does not need any prior knowledge of hosting, domain management, or email.

Real-Life Human Beings

Our in-house team members do everything they can to deliver one-touch solutions, making you feel like a member of our family.

Commitment to Security

Our many security features include Multi Factor Authentication, auto-enabled sFTP and with Let's Encrypt.

100% Uptime Guarantee

We guarantee 100% percent availability, providing you and your clients with dependable uptime.

Over 100+ apps included

Use over 100+ free programs to develop or expand your website: anything from shopping carts to blogs is available.

A the Need for Privacy

We believe in the right of everyone to privacy, and we back it up with a strict anti-spam policy and free WHOIS privacy.