Streaming Servers with 10 Gbps Unlimited Bandwidth

Our Streaming Servers all are located in Netherlands and offering high level of security measures for ensuring complete safety of data stored on network of servers. With our Bitcoin Dedicated Server you will get unparalleled speed and unrivaled bandwidth for superior performance.

Bitcoin Dedicated Servers Plans!

🛑 NOT Allowed: Pentesting, Phishing & Fraud, Email Spamming, Spoofing, IP Scanner, Crypto Mining, Botnet, malware & DDoSing Script is not allowed as those are Serious Crime, also do not make any payments without read our TOS, because we have no refund policy - Chat with our Live chat operator before pay, Server Delivery time 2-3 Hours

PACKAGE Intel Xeon E5/E3 RAM DDR4 Disk Geekbench Score Network Port Price USD
VDS 1 8 Core's 12 GB 200 GB
1 Gbit/SUnmetered(Dedicated)

$90.89/month On sale - Save 30%

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Dedi 1 16C / 32T 128 GB 240 GB
10 Gbit/SUnmetered(Dedicated)

$887.79/month On sale - Save 50%

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Dedi 2 16C / 32T 128 GB 240 GB
10 Gbit/S300 TB(Premium)

$540.49/month On sale - Save 10%

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Frequently Asked Questions

Get the answers to frequently asked questions about our hosting service

Why 10 Gbps Unlimited Bandwidth is Requred?

For optimal speed, our offshore Streaming Server are connected through fiber optic cables.

100Gbps To The Network Core: All of our 10G top-of-rack switches include redundant 100Gbps fiber optic uplinks to the network's core. This increases uptime and keeps the network free of congestion.

Core Network Intelligence: Our network is built on redundant Juniper carrier-class routers. Each core router is linked to the Internet backbones of different Internet service providers through redundant connections. We also employ BGP route optimization technology to determine the optimum way to each end user for optimal performance.

If you need 10Gbps or more of bandwidth for a Streaming website or app, We offers the finest performance at the greatest pricing.

Why Choose PalexWeb Solutions?

The global network of PalexWeb is built and controlled to provide consistently low latencies, zero packet loss, and no overload - even during peak times. There is few basic reason for choosing us:

High-Speed Internet Access: Do you need a lot of bandwidth to handle heavy workloads? For a smooth experience, PALEXWEB provides a 10Gbps Unlimited Bandwidth.

Servers with Low Latency: Our dedicated servers provide unrivaled performance and minimal latency. When you combine that with our dependable infrastructure, you will never face downtime or delays.

Hardware Configurations: Palexweb also allows you to fully configure your Bitcoin Dedicated Servers by selecting hardware, software, and network configurations based on your business requirements.