What are your nameservers?

  • Shared / Web Hosting Customers: Primary: ns1.palexweb.com / Secondary: ns2.palexweb.com
  • Reseller Customers: To protect our white-label service, please open up a ticket to retrieve your reseller nameservers.
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What is your average ticket response time?

We usually respond within 15 minutes, sometimes within 2 minutes depending on load and time of day!

If I buy a reseller account, will you transfer all my accounts for me?

Sadly cPanel hasn't figured out a good way for other resellers to migrate to new hosts easily....

Do you use OpenVZ or Xen?

We have No OpenVz all our is Xen or KVM

Which payment methods do you accept?

To pay for service, we accept currenrly Paypal, Bitcoin and Webmoney