Ən məşhur məqalələr

 What are your nameservers?

Shared / Web Hosting Customers: Primary: ns1.palexweb.com / Secondary: ns2.palexweb.com Reseller Customers: To protect our white-label service, please open up a ticket to retrieve your reseller nameservers.

 Which payment methods do you accept?

To pay for service, we accept currenrly Paypal, Skrill, Neteller

 Do you use OpenVZ or Xen?

We have No OpenVz all our is Xen or KVM

 How do I access MySQL remotely?

For security and performance reasons, we do not allow Remote MySQL on any of our shared hosting plans.When MySQL is enabled for remote access, it has negative impacts on the server and its users, for example: External brute force...

 How do I disable the connection timeout?

The connection timeout is meant to stay on, however if you need to turn it off temporary, you can do so by creating an .htaccess in your public_html folder and placing this line on the very top of it:<IfModule litespeed>RewriteRule...